Why Essential Oils?


When we smell a peppermint leaf or a stem of lavender it is actually the essential oils from these plants that we are inhaling.

Therapeutic and aromatic compounds are extracted from plants and nothing artificial is added in true essential oils. They are extracted directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree.  Through essential oils you are harnessing the protective and health promoting powers of a plant that they actually use to survive themselves.

These oils are highly concentrated so you’re getting high levels of therapeutic healing compounds.  450 grams of lavender essential oil requires the extraction of 67,500 grams of lavender flowers!  Because these potent compounds are so small they can pass into the cell wall (transdermal) to help destroy viruses and disease that can enter into our body. Not only do they smell incredible but they hold great health benefits. Natural based lotion and soap products are great ways to reap the many benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils can:

Balance hormones
Reduce inflammation
Eliminate age & sun spots
Promote anti-aging
Heal scarring
Detoxify your body
Clear skin problems
Kill tumors and cancer
Reduce stress & improve spiritual awareness

Essential oils are a vital component that dates back to ancient culture used by the Egyptians as health protocols and often referenced in the Bible as healing anointing oils. Today these aromatic plant oils are still used by kings, priests and doctors, nutritionists and laypeople who realize their powerful health benefits and have made essential oils part of their daily regimen.  Nature has provided us with everything we’ll ever need to sustain our health.

Essential oils are gentle on the body and your body already naturally and readily knows how to work with plant based compounds. These powerful oils have been used for thousands of years and I believe they are still more effective than conventional modern medicine today that is sadly chemically derived and come saddled with side effects. Interestingly enough today’s conventional medicine is originally inspired from plants but then synthetically recreated with toxic chemicals. Why? Because you can not legally put a patent on nature! Only synthetic chemicals can be patented by corporations driven by greed for private selfish profits which are boasted to be wondrous but are actually very harmful.

Some of my favourite essential oils and their benefits:

PEPPERMINT ~ Sharpens your focus and enhances mental alertness, boosts energy, improves breathing.  Induces relaxation and cools by reducing body temperature.

FRANKINCENSE ~ Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer (inhibits abnormal cell growth), healing, immune support, skin health, spiritual grounding, promotes healthy mood.

MYRRH ~ Anti-aging (promotes tissue repair), rejuvenating, soothes chapped or cracked skin, antimicrobial, anti-cancer.

LAVENDER ~ Calming to irritated skin, Reduces mental stress & anxiety, encourages restful sleep.  Strengthens immune system, antiseptic, heals scarring from wounds and burns.

CITRUS (GRAPEFRUIT, LEMON, ORANGE, LIME) ~ Cleansing, soothing, uplifting, antioxidant, antimicrobial, mildly astringent, improves mental fatigue, relieves headaches, relieves muscle & joint pain.

CLARY SAGE ~ Known for it’s calming, soothing and balancing properties.   Benefits skin health by regulating natural oil production reducing both oily and dry skin.  Works as an antidepressant and relieves anxiety.

PATCHOULI ~ Relieves skin & hair problems (eczema, acne, dandruff), ant-inflamatory, anti-depressant, effective for relaxation & meditation, freshens, soothes.

STAR ANISE ~ Antispasmodic reduces muscle pain, inflammation and relaxes.  Effective for calming and uplifting.  Antiseptic and detoxifying properties provide relief from dark spots, acne and encourages a soft, smooth, glowing skin.

SPEARMINT ~ Potent antimicrobial nature can protect wounds from infection and help to heal faster.  Helps to alleviate fatigue, headaches and nervousness.  Induces relaxation and cools by reducing body temperature.

WINTERGREEN ~ Herb with a sweet minty scent.  Analgesic to relieve pain from muscles and joints.  Increases circulation of the blood bringing warmth to skin inducing relaxation.  Due to the natural presence of Methyl Salicylate it is only to be used externally.

TEA TREE ~ Antiseptic, antimicrobial, soothing, healing, relieves inflammation, remedy for dry skin & scalp, reduces blemishes.

LIQOURICE ~ Detoxification of skin & hair, immune support, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin brightening (evens skin tone, reduces age spots).

LEMONGRASS ~ A natural astringent to refine pores, evens skin tone, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant to prevent skin aging caused by free radicals, moisturizing for dry skin & hair, stress reliever, strengthens nervous system, anti-cancer.

LITSEA CUBEA ~ Extracted from a small tropical plant, with calming, anti-inflammatory and slightly astringent properties to help minimize pores.  Has a soft, crisp citrus scent.

ROSEMARY ~ Contains phytonutrients helps protect skin cells from sun and free radical damage. Anti-inflamatory and antiseptic properties promote a clear skin and a healthy moisturized scalp, stimulates hair growth. Lowers stress and promotes mental clarity, enhances memory.

EUCALYPTUS ~ Skin remedial and healing properties, heals skin irritation. Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory with analgesic properties to relax muscles and reduce pain. Promotes hair follicle growth improving shine and overall hair health. Relieves respiratory ailments.

CEDARWOOD ~ Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory properties for skin complaints like eczema and prevents clogging of pores. Relieves joint stiffness and pain. Relieves breathing difficulties including asthma. Combats stress and eases tension. Encourages restful sleep and a calm mind, improves focus.

BERGAMOT ~ Antidepressant and stimulates blood circulation.  Disinfectant and antibiotic  prohibiting the growth of germs, virus and infections. Flavonoids reduce nervous tension and anxiety, a great relaxant.

VANILLA PLANIFOLIA ~ Has antioxidant properties to neutralize free radicals and protect the body.  Soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the systems of the body.  Has a calming effect and is an effective antidepressant and mood lifter.

SANDALWOOD ~ Has calming and relaxing effects.  Eases depression, stress and anxiety.  Effective in skin care, tones, relieves itching, inflammation, dehydrated skin, scars, eczema, psoriasis and acne.

YLANG YLANG ~ “Flower of flowers” A divine sweet fragrant floral scent with a calming and stress reducing effect.  Has sebum balancing and antioxidant properties to protect against premature aging and wrinkles.  Anti-inflammatory properties calm inflamed, irritated and dry skin.

JUNIPER BERRY ~ Scent is clean, woody and spicy.  A natural detoxifying agent.  Anti-microbial properties heals irritated skin and wounds reducing the appearance of scars.  Promotes feelings of peace and reduces anxiety.

SCOTCH PINE ~ Invigorating and spirit lifting aroma.  Anti-microbial to kill germs and microbes and will eliminate bacteria and viruses.  Has healing properties that ease skin irritations and fight dry itchy skin.  Is effective as a treatment for eczema and psoriasis.  Highly antioxidant properties to fight free radicals in the skin cells that cause lines and wrinkles.  A natural pain reliever with anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds to help with arthritis and rheumatic pain.  Soothing properties for burn pain.