Glossary of Nature’s Ingredients

Forest Bathing ~ Trees and plants naturally emit esters and organic aerosols called phytoncide (essential oils) and a-pinene.  A walk in the woods has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress, boost our immune system and improve our feelings of well being.  Just be with trees.


Everyday the choices we make are many and the freedom to choose is ours.  The result will make a difference to our health and our ecosystem.  Nature has provided us with powerful ingredients that will nourish, protect and heal without cost to ourselves and our good earth.


Activated Charcoal ~ Very cleansing to remove impurities and toxins by absorption.  Good for troubled and sensitive skin.

Alkanet Root ~ (Alkanna tinctoria) A herbal root originally from the Mediterranean.  Naturally soothes sensitive, irritated skin.  Protects skin from infection and has an anti-inflammatory and an anti-viral effect.  Acts as a  natural dying agent and imparts shades of ruby red, purple, blue and pink.

Allantoin ~ An active moisturizing ingredient.  Is calming with anti-irritant compounds encouraging skin to become more resilient.  Stimulates cell regeneration encouraging repair and new tissue growth.  Keeps skin soft and smooth.

Almond Oil (Sweet) ~ Is an excellent emollient that softens and conditions the skin.  Contains proteins such as Linoleum Acid & Vitamins D, E which are extremely nourishing and soothe dry and irritated skin.  Rejuvenates tired skin.  Shields from the sun with SPF 5.

Aloe Vera ~ Nature’s powerful healer.  Contains polyphenols which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause infection and inflammation.  Contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals which help the healing process in the skin.  Treats burns and heals wounds.  Nourishing properties to highly moisturize skin and scalp.

Annatto Seed ~ The seed from a non edible fruit from the Amazon forest dating as far back as 5000 years.  Produces a bright yellow to orange natural dye due to high bixin levels.   Bixins are powerful carotenoids as found in carrots.  Soothes a number of skin disorders and the presence of tocotrienol compounds (antioxidants) defends skin against aging.

Apricot Kernel Oil ~  Rich and nourishing, great for all skin types.  High in fatty acid omega 6 it helps skin maintain moisture, firms and tones.  Contains Vitamins A, E which soothe skin and slows signs of aging.  Soothing to eczema prone skin.

Argan Oil ~ A light oil that is easily absorbed.  Contains squalene which acts like human sebum that will give oxidative damage protection.  Essential fatty acids for optimal repair and function of the skin.  Restores skin’s moisture binding capabilities.  Will keep hair and scalp in healthy condition.

Bentonite Clay ~ A healing mineral clay.  Due to it’s electrical properties, when mixed with water and applied to skin it’s molecules become charged and draw out toxins and impurities from beneath the skin.  Effective for all types of skin problems and speeds healing.  Due to a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium it is a Montmorrilonite clay.  Calming to skin itching from eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Beeswax ~ Incredibly moisturizing for skin and hair.  Creates a protective barrier against depleting environmental conditions and irritants while drawing and locking in moisture but still allowing skin to breathe.  Excellent in calming skin sensitivity and problem dry skin, contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the best ways to heal dry cracked lips or prevent chapping in lip balm.

Camellia Seed Oil ~ Antioxidants protect and repair skin from environmental factors. Readily and easily absorbed by skin to hydrate without greasiness leaving skin silky soft and smooth.

Carmine ~ A natural red crimson pigment derived from cochineal.

Castor Oil ~ Healing properties for inflamed skin, moisturizes effectively and fights signs of aging by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Rich in ricinoleic acid to fight acne causing bacteria.  Boosts blood circulation in hair follicles promoting new hair growth and humectant properties lock in moisture to hair making it soft and smooth.

Cetyl Alcohol ~ A fatty natural alcohol that works as an emollient, emulsifier and carrying agent for other ingredients.  It keeps water and oil from separating keeping a mixture stable, increases viscosity  and gives good spreadability to lotions.  Effectively conditions and softens skin and hair.

Cocoa Seed Butter ~ Locks in moisture to hydrate and improves skin elasticity and tone.  Rich in antioxidants to protect against environmental damage, is anti-aging and promotes overall skin health.  A natural healer for sensitive, dry or irritated skin.

Coconut Oil ~ Medium chain fatty acids keep skin smooth, soft and help retain it’s moisture, easily absorbed.   Contains strong antimicrobial properties to protect from infection.  Rich in proteins that rejuvenate skin and promote tissue repair.  Anti-inflammatory to keep pores clean reducing breakouts as it draws out impurities.  A natural SPF4.  Conditions and adds shine to hair.

Emulsifying Wax ~ Contains vegetable based ingredients used to bind oil and water together creating a stable, smooth emulsion.  Contributes to conditioning properties as well and is ECOCERT approved.

Evening Primrose Oil ~ Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.  Relieves symptoms of psoriasis and exzema, smooths wrinkles, alleviate skin blemishes.  Hydrates and lubricates skin cells improving elasticity of the skin.

Geogard ECT ~ A broad spectrum preservative that meets the ECOCERT standards.  Broad spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast and molds. Consists of Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin & Sorbic Acid. pH 3-8.

Glycerin ~ Acts as an excellent humectant to retain moisture into your skin keeping your skin well-hydrated and radiant.  A moisturizing ingredient that softens and lubricates keeping skin supple and hair glossy.  Helps to soothe dry and irritated skin.  It’s anti-bacterial qualities are healing to skin complications including acne & scarring.

Jojoba Oil ~ Rich in vitamin E it closely resembles the sebum of the skin and promotes a glowing complexion.  Is an emollient that soothes, moisturizes, prevents irritation, skin lesions, and heals.  Is noncomedogenic so does not clog pores.  Rich in iodine to fight harmful bacteria growth that lead to breakouts.

Kaolin Clay ~ Calming, nourishing and soothing for all skin types.  Is detoxifying, purifying and cleansing to gently remove dead skin cells and promote new cell regeneration.  Minerals and phytonutrients slow down excessive sebum production but not over drying leaving skin feeling clean and soft.

French Green Clay ~ Highly absorbent and removes impurities, stimulates blood flow for a healthy, glowing skin.  Gentle to exfoliate dead skin cells reducing inflammation to soften dry rough skin.  A Montmorrilonite clay consisting of kelp, seaweed, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, copper, selenium and mineral oxides.  Very nourishing to skin.

Madder Root ~ (Rubia tinctorum) A herb that has been around for thousands of years.  Effective in healing skin rashes and other irritations of the skin.  Contains the organic compound alizarin giving the roots a deep colour.  Produces colours ranging from light pink, deep red and mauve.

Mango Seed Butter ~ Full of wonderful qualities for silk smooth skin.  Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins it is easily absorbed by the skin providing long lasting deep moisturization without a greasy feel.  Contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Is highly nourishing and helps to clear blemishes, lightens age and sun damage spots.

Marshmallow Root ~ (Althea offinalis)  Greek name literally means to heal.  An ancient emollient herb that heals and softens dry, inflamed skin.

Micas ~ A group of natural occurring minerals.  A colourant that may have varying degrees of light reflecting properties.  Are refined to make them safe for use on skin.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) ~ Rich in vitamin E, Polyphenols and Phytosterols (antioxidants) protect skin from premature aging and ultraviolet light.  Does not clog pores and provides skin with both a lasting moisturizing effect and a cleansing effect.  Deep conditioning for hair and scalp adding shine and strength.

Oxides ~ Natural colourants that are refined to cosmetic grade to be safe for use on skin.  Oxides are one of the strongest pigments.

Polysorbate 20 ~ An emulsifier derived from coconut oil (Lauric acid) to emulsify oil and water together.

Raw Honey ~ Healing skin benefits and impedes bacterial growth with antiseptic and anti-microbial properties.  A natural humectant that draws moisture to skin and hair.  Brightens complexion, evens out skin tone and lightens scars and age spots.  Beneficial in keeping scalp healthy and hair soft, smooth and shiny.

Rosehip Oil ~ Contains vitamins E, C, D and B-carotine (vitamin A).  Protects skin and increases cell turnover.  Vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin reducing scars and fine lines.

Rose Water ~ Soothes and softens skin.  Benefits all skin types from dry to oily skin.  Prevents signs of aging, nourishes and hydrates adding a radiance and glow.  Has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  Aroma promotes well-being.

Rhassoul Clay ~ A mineral rich volcanic clay with incomparable ability to absorb impurities from the skin and hair.  Softens, enhances skin clarity and elasticity, lessens dryness, unblocks skin pores and cleans hair follicles leaving it bouncy and voluminous.

Rice Bran Oil ~ Deeply hydrates skin helping it to retain moisture.  Easily absorbed into the skin and does not clog pores.  Nourishes skin cells with vitamin E and antioxidants boosting cell regeneration.  Helps to even out skin tone, brightens and improves overall complexion.  Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm sensitive or irritated skin.

Royal Jelly ~ One of the richest sources of protein and vitamins ~ 17 amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. Powerful nutrients in the fight against aging and inflammatory skin conditions as it stimulates cell renewal and promotes collagen and elastin for toned, firm, smooth skin.

Shea Seed Butter ~ One of nature’s great wonders.  High concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. A superfood for skin and hair as it protects, heals and strengthens. anti-aging as it prevents dehydration, promotes collagen production and naturally protects from UV sunlight, SPF 6.  Keeps skin supple and radiant.  Is deeply soothing and calming on irritation or inflammation of the skin helping to heal eczema, rash, skin cracking, psoriasis or minor cuts and burns.

Silk Peptides ~ Offer an excellent super charged moisture delivery system and provide skin protection against moisture loss.  Soothing and healing it leaves skin silky smooth and gives hair softness with lots of shine.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate ~ A fatty acid derived from coconut oil.  An extremely gentle surfactant that allows water to mix with oils.  100% natural and ECOCERT approved.

Sodium Hydroxide ~ (NAOH) Common name is Lye or caustic soda.  Is a co-product from the manufacture of chlorine using a solution of rock salt (sodium chloride).  Used in the manufacturing process of soap.  Lye mixed with fat through a process known as saponification creates soap.  The added salt hardens the soap.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSa) ~ A gentle surfactant derived from coconut and palm oil.  100% natural and ECOCERT approved.

Stearic Acid ~ A natural occurring fatty acid derived from vegetable and animal fats and oils.  Used as an emulsifier and thickener.  Has natural cleansing properties.

Sunflower Oil ~ High in vitamin E and rich in nutrients this oil guards against inflammation and skin irritation.  Omega 6 (linoleic acid) protects from sun damage and free radicals.  Effective in treating eczema, scarring & acne.

Tallow ~ Rendered fat from animals.  Used in soap making it produces a creamy and stable lather that is very moisturizing and gentle to your skin. Is a hardening component in soap.

Vitamin E Oil ~ An enriched source of free radical fighting antioxidants.  Rejuvenates dehydrated skin as it restores lost moisture.  Boosts production of collagen that will maintain skin elasticity.  Curative powers to heal minor skin wounds and burns and repair scarring.  Shields against harmful effects of the sun preventing cancerous cell growth.

Witch Hazel Distillate ~ Alcohol free botanical extract prepared from recently cut dormant twigs of the Hamamelis virginiana Linn plant.  Anti-inflammatory mild astringent properties to help promote skin healing and moisture loss to maintain softness and elasticity.