Little Green Bee Apothecary was born out of a mission to create simple, honest, uncomplicated products that work in harmony with skin and won’t cost our earth.


The art and science of soap making is a passion (along with hanging out in my garden with the bees & flowers!).  A chemist at heart really.  Creating this line of natural hand made soap products that gently cleanse, revitalize and stimulate one’s senses with loads of bubbly lather and intoxicating aromatics brings a joy of heart and a great appreciation for life’s simpler offerings!

Be well, feel clean and rejuvenated without any nasty harmful chemicals!  Protect and nourish your skin with only nature’s best ingredients known and used for centuries.

It is of great importance to me to share these discoveries with you and continue to create safe, sustainable and beautiful skin care products for our everyday lives.  Let’s stay connected with nature as it is meant to be!

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” ~ The Alchemist.