Benefits of Raw Honey


HONEY BEE-SUNFLOWER WATERMARKRaw honey is a pure form of food in nature with so many health benefits

 It actually contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and thousands of live enzymes!  6 species of friendly bacteria and pollen.  A super food!  It never spoils and if you were to put a jar away for 100 years it would still be good to eat!   Due to it’s antibacterial and antiviral qualities, honey is excellent for a healthy digestive and strong immune system.  It also balances your blood sugar levels and normalizes blood pressure.   Eat a little honey everyday on your bread, or on granola or in your drinks.  You’ll feel great!

Raw honey is absolutely wonderful for skin and hair.  It has natural humectants that attract, replace and retain moisture.  A healer of wounds and gentle skin clarifier as it inhibits bacterial growth.  This time tested ingredient has been around since Roman Times!

Add some to your shampoo and enjoy soft, shiny hair with bounce!

In your soap and lotions it will soothe and promote smooth clarified skin!  And the scent oh my, will bring thoughts of sweet meadows and sunshine.  I can hardly wait for the farmer’s markets to start up!

Do not be swayed in thinking processed honey is comparable as it is merely just pure sugar void of any nutrients or beneficial ingredients.  The natural living enzymes and nutrients have all been destroyed in processing.  Please make sure your honey says raw or unprocessed on the label.

Let’s look to nature for safe and healthy ingredients proven to be so effective over time.

Because the truth is Nature is perfect.