Lotion & Lip Balm Care Trio


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LOTION & LIP BALM CARE TRIO*An awesome unisex nourishing and protecting, eco-friendly skin care trio gift set to show someone how much you care about them!

Everyday Healing Lotion is partnered with a Beeswax & Honey Lotion Bar and an Eucalyptus & Menthol Lip Balm.  

Lotion and Lip Balm Care Trio are placed in a 100% linen pouch that is reusable and earth friendly.

$32. ea

LOTION & LIP BALM CARE TRIO LINEN POUCHIf you would prefer to choose a specific Lip Balm, just drop us a note with our Contact form and we will happily make the switch with your order.

We can also send your gift directly to it’s lucky recipient!  Just include the mailing information on the Contact form and how you want the note card signed.

Made in Canada naturally

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